Hospitals, clinics, and most health services in Libya fell behind during 42 years of dictatorship under Colonel Ghaddafi. The health system in Libya has deteriorated further in the 8 years of civil war that followed the fall of his regime. Nearly 7 million citizens of a wealthy country fail to receive the most basic health care services.


        Today there is a dire need for assistance in every area of health care in Libya.

Objectives & Intentions


The National Council on U.S.-Libya Relations invites all physicians, midlevel providers, nurses, medical technicians, physiotherapists, occupational, respiratory, and behavioral therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, biomedical engineers/technologists, hospital managers and administrators, inventory managers, health educators, and other health care professionals to join us in helping rebuild Libyan health services. 


Our intention is to build a knowledge transfer bridge in the area of health care between the US and Libya. If you are interested in participating in our mission and/or have prior experience in aiding post-conflict countries through health care field work, philanthropic missions, or volunteerism, please email us at

Open Call for Medical Professionals to Join NCUSLR for Future Missions to Libya

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Reflections from Past Missions to Libya


Coming Soon: Written reflections from Dr. Shennib's past medical visits to Benghazi, Tripoli, Albeida and Derna.  


Email if you would like to learn more about our missions or are a health care professional interested in participating in NCUSLR's upcoming missions.


Donations are a key part of making our missions a success. Click here to contribute with the assurance your gift will make a positive impact on Libyans today and in the future.