The Atlacntic Council: The Failed Serraj Experiment of Libya

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Our Comment:

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly the UN's Kobler-Serraj experiment is about to fail. This analysis does

not only explain, why the GNA/PC is a flop, but outlines also a plan for a way out of the current deadlock. As the failure of the GNA proves, the location of the new interim government cannot be Tripoli. It needs to stay at a location where it can work without being threatened and blackmailed every other day. Probably an international protection force will be required to secure a safe zone until the new government has a sufficient number of own, reliable forces. This zone must be located on the northern coast, on or in the vicinity of an airport, and preferably also close to a harbor. It must be further away from the “main combat zones”, to make it easier to protect it. Most important, it needs to be established in consent with the local population and its - preferably elected - administration. Ras Lanuf and Es Sider could be a viable option. A neutral zone around this terminals could also defuse the conflict for control of these crucial assets. The local population needs to be rewarded with investments (e.g. health services) and benefits. The prime minister of the (new) central government will not have a lot of executive power, but more represent Libya to the outside world. Maybe this is even a new role for Serraj?

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