Trump aide drew plan on napkin to partition Libya into three

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Our Comment:

Libyans agree on the principal of remaining one country and will not be partitioned. The move to consider a return to a three province solution, in many minds, is premised on a believe that historical inequalities started in 1969 when Ghadafi abolished Benghazi as a constitutional twin capital and

moved all crown corporations to Tripoli with a measurable decline in socioeconomic status of the East.

The punishment of Cyranaicans or whom are referred to as East Libyans, for the last forty eight years has left a mistrust for any salvation plan that is centered around a Tripoli based government. Fezan, or the South on the other hand is totally neglected and suffers today one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.

The idea of having a US special envoy with authority to effectively engage in solving the post Ghadafi Libyan quagmire has been floating for four months and is needed at a time when European sponsored UN agreement on Libya appears to be failing with an increasingly unpopular Libyan Presidential Council.

Ultimately it is the Libyans themselves who need to agree that there could not be a military solution to their problem and that peaceful transition through new national reconciliation efforts is the only way out of their mess.

Libyans however have also grown mistrustful of Italian, British and French special interests and objectives in their country. With more effective US guidance and assertiveness, a US presidential special envoy to Libya can play an important leading role with a new initiative which addresses existing geopolitical distinctiveness between Libyan historical provinces.

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