Liberation of Benghazi

After three years of brutal street to street combats today Benghazi is at last liberated. Thanks to the

heroic sacrifices of its brave Libyan army soldiers.

It took the lives of five thousand young army volunteers and regulars and over twelve thousand casualties for Benghazi to liberate itself of IS and AlQaida affiliates.

The extend of the destruction of whole areas of the city of Benghazi , the disruption of its economy, closure of its air and sea ports, interruption of human security needs with massive migration of at least one ninth of its 1.2 million population is identical of the images of destruction of the city during the Second World War.

The USA, Canada and Europe erred and failed to recognize the need to support Benghazi citizens in their fight against terrorism and allowed its dislike of whom they considered a controversial Eastern army leader and their ill-advised policy of supporting a poorly written UN agreement to prevent them for helping a city in distress.

Next step for Libya is to guard the city from expected cowardly random terrorist attacks by engaging in a more orderly global war against terrorism. This can only be achieved by promptly and vigorously renegotiating an inclusive new Libyan agreement premised on economic and human security priorities and avoiding the previous errors of appeasing rouge militias.

For the USA, it is now essential for it to exercise Realpolitiks and to reassess its old position of blindly supporting the stumbling 2015 Skheirat UN agreement on Libya and to engage Hafter and other key stakeholders in a new round of negotiation to achieve an inclusive Libyan agreement. One which will guarantee effective transition to a stable, secure and prosperous modern civilian country away from militocracy.

The USA government should also engage and encourage its agencies, organizations and corporations to assist the citizens of Benghazi in their desire to rebuild the city infrastructure and return to its daily normality.

Dealing with Benghazi refugees is another subject which will need guidance and engagement of the international community. Many Benghazi citizens have supported the opposite side and migrated to other Libyan cities. Reconciliation efforts should start at once to secure their safe future and for those who wish, to return safely.

Terrorism can only be defeated by the return of normality to every aspect of daily life to the brave city of Benghazi and for this to happen it will need all the help it could get.

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