Salabi calls for elections laws before polls - Libyan Express

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Our Comment:

Fayez Al-Serraj, the chairman of the Presidency Council and prime minister of the “Government of National Accord”, proposed a new road map that demands holding parliamentary and presidential

elections in March 2018. The prominent Islamic scholar Ali Al-Sallabi is perfectly right in claiming that a suitable electoral law to regulate the whole process is a precondition for such elections. Elections without a proper framework and conditions don’t make sense. There are numerous examples for this, from Bosnia-Herzegovina over Afghanistan to Iraq. Currently, in Libya the preconditions are simply not there. It must be stressed, that without the proper political framework and with a lack of security in major parts of the country there is no reason to assume that elections would contribute to the stability of the country. It is very unlikely that the results would be accepted throughout Libya. Eventually, those elections could complicate the situation even more. Since the end of the Revolution in October 2011 Libya had already between four and eight - unsuccessful - prime ministers, depending on how you count them. Three of them can claim somehow le