Benghazi Reconstruction Program

Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya, serves as the country's constitutional twin capital, with its sister Tripoli in the west. In 1969, Gaddafi abolished the standing of Benghazi, moving all governance and related powers entirely to the west. After 42 years of oppression and negligence, and 6 years of ongoing civil conflict and war against terrorism, Benghazi is in the midst of rising from the ashes into liberation. The citizens of Benghazi can now hope for lives full of peace and prosperity. But in order to realize the dream of rebuilding this once-great center of business, politics and culture, they need help from the global community. All communities - great and small - are invited and encouraged to assist in this noble effort to bring dignity and hope back to Benghazi.

​The National Council on U.S.-Libya Relations is committed to assisting the Benghazi reconstruction effort and calls all interested individuals, groups, corporations,

organizations, and institutions to reach out and work with us to help rebuild Benghazi into a modern, effective, and hopeful center of commerce, culture, and education. It is our goal that soon, Benghazi can provide a much needed path towards productivity and peace for its youth, and avoid the otherwise inevitable slide into desperation, destruction, and radicalism. Benghazi is a Mediterranean port city with 1 mi