The NCUSLR is sponsoring a medical visit to Benghazi and Albayda between 1st and 9th of September

The National Council on U.S-Libya Relations is honored to announce a medical visit FREE of charge

between 1st and 9th of September to the cities of Benghazi and Albayda for the detection and conduct of operations on the following specializations:

• Heart disease, valves and arterial blockages.

• Chest diseases, lungs, esophagus and tumors.

• Limbs of the arteries, neck and its complications, including foot diabetes, ulcers and amputation prevention.

• Aortic bulges

• Injuries surgery, burns, complications and cosmetic surgery.

The visiting team will include:

• Dr. Hani Shnaib Professor of Surgery and Cardiac Catheterization and Chest.

• Dr. Abdul Qader Al-Jazawi Consultant catheterization of the heart, valves and blood vessels.

• Dr. Bert Fabisov Consultant surgery for war injuries, burns, jaw, face and cosmetic surgery.

Please make reservations ahead of time by contacting the Heart Center at Hawari and the Benghazi Medical Center.

We will soon announce the location of Albayda's visit on our official website and our accounts on social media.

The National Council on U.S-Libya Relations

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