A letter to President Trump from a former distinguished Libyan Ambassador

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Summary (By Hani Shennib):

A letter to President Donald Trump from a distinguished retired Libyan Ambassador detailing

the sequence of events in Libya in the last six years and the moral responsibility of the USA to urgently engage in a corrective course to stabilize the country. Omar El-Dallal who was the Libyan Ambassador to Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus and many others describes how the NATO intervention lead by the USA exceeded its mandate from securing the citizens of Benghazi to enacting a regime change. This he states was followed by immediate withdrawal of US and European allies in the presence of a complete collapse of already weakened Libyan governing institutes. Despite a popular distrust of political Islamic parties and its obvious infiltration by extremists the US naively conducted a policy of empowering the so called Middle Islam as a partner in their strategy to combat ISIS. Although Islamist political parties lost terribly in the 2014 elections, the USA continued to follow its misguided policy of supporting such Islamist groups undermining the aspiration of Libyans for a modern nation with separation of Mosque and State. The author asks the President to reach out to help the majority of Libyans who have paid a heavy price in fighting terrorism in their cities and who believe that there could not be a strong civil state while Islamic parties continue to envision an Islamic rather than a civic state. He asks the USA to help rid the country from militias, gangs and thugs by supporting the building of a strong Libyan National Army and by engaging directly in supervising a new process of negotiations among Libyans who were left exposed and unprepared after the NATO 2011 intervention and abandonment of Libya.

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