Dr. Hassan Sassi meets with Congressman Gil Cisneros

As an active member of California's 39th District and Co-Founder of the National Council on U.S.-Libya Relations, Dr. Hassan Sassi regularly attends political functions within his district. On February 9th, Dr. Sassi met Congressman Gil Cisneros, the 39th's Representative in the HoR, at a function sponsored by a local women's organization in the Walnut Valley Unified School District.

On February 16th, Dr. Sassi met with Cisneros again at an open house held at the Congressman’s office where hundreds gathered to meet and share stories with Cisneros. Representative Cisneros won the seat in the 39th District of California over the former Representative Ed Royce. Dr. Sassi hoped to establish a healthy relationship with him that will befit the National Council in its advocacy efforts.

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