NCUSLR-YI Network of Entrepreneurs March Meeting Takeaways

On Sunday, March 24th, 2019, the National Council on U.S.-Libya Relations' Youth Initiative (NCUSLR-YI) held the first meeting of its Network of Entrepreneurs. At this meeting, the leadership team for the Network introduced themselves and we got to hear from new members of the Youth Initiative and Network. The main objective of this meeting was to introduce the NCUSLR-YI Network of Entrepreneurs to interested participants and present the Network's mission and objectives. The Network's missions and goals presented at the meeting are as follows:

  • Create a platform that gathers and connects Libyan entrepreneurs and allows them to exchange their knowledge and experience.

  • Connect entrepreneurs with consultants and experts - depending on their field of specialization - for mentorship and training.

  • Create new connections between entrepreneurs, investors, community stakeholders and fresh graduates in both private and public sectors.

  • Organize events, workshops, and conferences to exchange knowledge periodically and raise awareness around entrepreneurship in Libya. This event calendar will culminate in an annual meeting to summarize the year’s results.

  • Link startups to one another & Push startups and micro-projects by providing free marketing on social media.

  • Seek to harmonize Libyan commercial law and the national market environment; by connecting businessmen and entrepreneurs and providing an incubation period for startup companies.

  • Reactivate summer trainings for college students at Libyan universities to develop skills that qualify them to fulfill market needs.

At the meeting, the group also discussed present-day challenges in Libya in the areas of entrepreneurship and business development. Participants shared personal anecdotes about challenges they faced working on individual projects and sought advice from peers in attendance and the Network's leadership team. We closed out the talk with brainstorming for future meetings both virtual and on-the-ground in Libya. The Network intends to announce an exciting virtual event for the end of April, so stay tuned!

Interested in becoming a part of NCUSLR-YI? Register & join us today! Information about NCUSLR-YI, the Network of Entrepreneurs, and how to join our efforts can be found on the NCUSLR-YI web page.

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