Elmonder Elamami

Admin Board Member, NCUSLR-YI Network of Entrepreneurs

Former Services Engineer, CHIMEC

Elmonder Elamami graduated with a bachelors degree of Petroleum Engineering from Benghazi University in 2013. Post-graduation he has dedicated time both to his career and leading civil society projects in his local community. Elmonder worked with the Italian Company CHIMEC from 2014 to 2017 as a services engineer. During this period, he also led the Nehna Ghear Foundation - a CSO that focuses on providing social services and projects, and advocating for the rights of youth and internally displaced communities in Libya. He has also participated in other youth empowerment initiatives including leading the organization, Tathear - a Libyan youth development project.

Based in: Benghazi, Libya

Contact: elmonder.elamami@gmail.com

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