Libya’s Perpetual Chaos

On Friday, April 19th, President Donald Trump called Marshal Khalifa Haftar to signal support for LNA efforts to establish security and stability in Libya and continue the fight against terrorism - a priority within US national interests in the region.

In the following article published in Foreign Affairs, NCUSLR Advisory Board Member Dr. Ethan Chorin offers a brief contemporary history of Libya from 2011 until now and the events which led to the current political and security quagmire in Libya. In "Libya's Perpetual Chaos: Why Haftar's Tripoli Offensive Could Break the Country's Deadlock," Dr. Chorin addresses the recent movement by Haftar on Tripoli and what potential opportunities could be on the horizon with the Libyan National Army’s presence around Tripoli. He describes which international and domestic missteps led to lasting political instability in Libya. He also explains how key policy issues like resolving the migrant crisis and counterterrorism fit into the Libyan political question.

Read the article here.

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