Christopher Stevens Honored with a Library in Benghazi

Ambassador Christopher Stevens was a true friend of the Libyan people, whose tireless and genuine efforts to support the revolution and strengthen friendly ties between the Libyan and American governments will never be forgotten.

Seven years following his tragic death, the people of Benghazi dedicated a permanent monument to his memory with the opening of the Christopher Stevens Library. Ambassador Stevens was devoted to improving understanding between the American and Libyan people, and the opening of this library will continue his legacy of engendering mutual respect and promoting democratic principles by providing educational resources to the people of Benghazi.

As we reflect on his life and legacy, the National Council on U.S.-Libya Relations welcomes and applauds this important gesture. The NCUSLR is committed to carrying on the mission that Ambassador Stevens dedicated his time in Libya to and is hopeful that this is the first of many concrete steps forward to rebuilding and revitalizing a strong relationship between the American and Libyan people.