General Mohamed ElKeshky

MG Mohamed Elkeshky is a decorated military veteran and an innovative and seasoned leader and diplomat with extensive experience in foreign relationship, diplomacy, and strategy. 
Mohamed's most recent position at the end of a distinguished career in the Egyptian Army was Deputy Defense

Minister for External Affairs.

MG Elkeshky has complemented his military experience, where he advanced to the Major General/ Deputy Defense Minister for External Affairs with an impressive academic journey. He acquired a Master’s degree in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University (NDU). MG Elkeshy’s military and diplomatic career include critical posts such as command of battalion in Desert Storm (1991), Deputy Defense Attaché in London (1996-1998), a military attaché in Washington DC (2009-2013) where he was elected to lead the Military Attaché Association in Washington DC, which included more than 160 attachés from across the globe. Elkeshky’s impressive skills and career have been recognized- he was awarded the Legion of Merit from the President of the United States (2013), making him the only Egyptian foreign national ever awarded this honor. He received the Order of the Republic award from the Egyptian government as well as a number of other awards.