A Special NCUSLR Web-Event​: ‘Breakthrough or Breakdown?The Real Prospects for the Libyan Dialogue

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The UN’s Libya Mission claims “there’s real momentum” in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum continuing this week in Tunis. The 75 UN-selected participants agreed to hold elections in 18 months. But prominent Libyan figures have made similar agreements in the past – only to see them ignored amidst recrimination and conflict.

After a half-dozen years of civil war, Libyans are tired – and also more deeply divided than ever. Weapons are plentiful and mistrust is pervasive. Outside actors continue to ply their agendas. Covid-19 has added another complicating feature.

What are the real prospects for the Tunis talks? Who are the 75 participants and how were they chosen? Are there any signs of serious progress? What are the critical tasks to make this latest venture in peace-making a success, when so many other attempts have ended up in failure? Are promising concepts being overlooked?

On Monday, November 23rd at 9:30AM ET, the National Council on US-Libyan Relations, a non-profit focused on encouraging Libya’s democratic transition, will host leading, expert voices from Libya, Europe and the US to examine these questions.

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