NCUSLR Webinar: Libyan Revolution - The 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, the Libyan Revolution began, an uprising inspired by the idealism of the Arab Spring and the hope for a modern, democratic Libya. After UN backed, Western-led international intervention saved citizens of Benghazi from a likely murderous assault, soon leading to the demise of Moammar Qaddafi, idealism eventually gave way to a collapse of governing authority. Elections solidified sharp regional, ideological and tribal differences. Libya's oil riches and sovereign wealth become elements of bitter contest rather the source of national sustenance and patience.

Unregulated, unaccountable militias, some filled with or linked to extremists, filled the security vacuum with insecurity. A rival political and security force grew in the East. Outside actors chose sides as Libya descended into civil war. Today, diplomats are desperately trying to keep a shaky ceasefire and interim political agreement together.

A decade later, it's time to examine for an honest examination -- and self-examination by Libyans -- of what went wrong. What can be learned from the demise of the Libyan Revolution? How can the lessons help Libyans come to terms today, and how can their experience inform other conflicts?

Please join the National Council on US-Libya Relations -- and top experts on Libya -- on February 17, 2021 at our Webinar "Libyan Revolution - The 10th Anniversary."

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