Dr. Farida Allaghi

Dr. Farida Allaghi completed her Bachelor Degree at Garyounis University in Benghazi Libya in

Philosophy and Sociology in 1969.Continued her education at Colorado State University and acquired her Masters and Doctorate degree in 1980 in the field of Sociology “Social Planning and development “.

Since the early 1980’s she has been actively involved in establishing countless national, regional and international organizations /foundations and numerous Non Governmental organizations. Farida dedicated her life on promoting the status of women, youth, children and minorities and defending the Human Rights of these groups within the context of sustained human development.

She worked as an International expert/advisor with several United Nations Organizations on human development, policy formulation, strategic planning , fundraising, networking and capacity building.

She has served on various regional and international boards , and has been granted several awards.For the last three decades she has been a regional and International speaker on issues related to democracy, human rights and freedom.