Ethan Chorin

Ethan Chorin is CEO of Perim Associates, a Middle East and Africa focused policy advisory

firm. He is known as an expert on Libyan affairs and the application of technology to post-crisis economic development. He served as US economic/commercial attaché in Tripoli from 2004-2006, and returned to Libya during the 2011 Revolution to help build local medical capacity in Benghazi. Prior to Perim, Chorin was a government relations executive and head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Dubai Ports World (2008-2011), and a Director at the Berkeley Research Group.

Chorin is the author of three books; Libya, Exit the Colonel: the Hidden History of the Libyan Revolution (Public Affairs, 2012), Translating Libya (Saqi/SOAS 2008. and the forthcoming How America Lost the Middle East: the Benghazi Trauma and its aftermath (Hurst, 2019).

Chorin's work has appeared in many international publications including the New York Times, The Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Prospect, and the BBC. Chorin was a two time Fulbright fellow (Jordan (1993-1994, and Yemen, 1995-1997). He holds a Ph.D. in Agriculture and Development Economics from U.C. Berkeley (2000), a M.A. in International Policy Studies from Stanford University, and a BA in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from Yale (1991). He speaks Arabic, Farsi, French and Hebrew.