Michael Guidry

Mr. Guidry is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Guidry Group, a security and risk

mitigation consultancy, which operates in 148 countries worldwide and began in 1985. He is recognized as a leader and innovator in the field of security, having solved security issues for many of the largest and most prestigious companies, governments and families globally.

He is also renowned as a hostage negotiator in the field of Kidnap for Ransom, having handled 72 kidnappings successfully as well as 43 extortions. The positive impact Michael and The Guidry Group have made on countless lives is truly remarkable.

Michael is unparalleled in his expertise; his negotiation skills and knowledge are legendary, Michael will stop at nothing to extricated kidnapped victims.

Michael often works with the victims post kidnapping to assure they receive the help they need so they are able to return to their former lives. Michael’s compassion for the victims, their families and organizations are one of his outstanding qualities that his clients appreciate and are forever grateful.

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