about us

Who we are

We are Libyans and Americans from diverse backgrounds working together to promote a stable and prosperous Libya through effective and well-informed U.S. engagement.



The mission of the National Council on U.S.-Libya Relations is to strengthen U.S. engagement in Libya for a successful democratic transition and effective state-building by providing U.S. institutions and policymakers with timely and accurate information on relevant political, cultural, and economic aspects of Libya.


On August 10th, 2015, the NCUSLR was incorporated in Arizona as a charitable organization within the meaning of Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Tax Codes. We are a non-profit, non-government organization. Our activities include:



1) Providing information regularly for educational purposes to U.S. citizens, governments and non-profit organizations on the past and current status of Libya.



2) Provide updates on all aspects of the cultural, political and human security status of Libya and it’s potential impact on American-Libyan relations.



3) Provide an umbrella educational assistance organization for individuals and non-profits in their desire and efforts to promote better relations between the United States and Libya.



4) Encourage the democratic transition or political life in Libya and provide information and assistance towards such objectives.



5) Act as a facilitator and bridge for Americans individuals, organizations and communities to promote better relations between the United States and Libya.



6) Advise and assist in the strategic and technical planning and aid that is to be provided by the United States in the efforts to rebuild the democratic institutions and infrastructure of Libya.


The Team

Executive Board

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Introduction Message


The NCUSLR Advisory Board is an international group of experts, including well known and experienced (former) diplomats and scholars. Its members are American and European premier experts on Libya as well as prominent Libyans reflecting all parts of the country. Our Advisory Board is chaired by Wolfgang Pusztai, a former
Austrian Defense Attaché to Libya and a seasoned Security and Policy analyst.

NCUSLR Advisory Board roles include:


  • Provide NCUSLR with specific knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking complementary to the existing skills within the Board of Directors.

  • Offer non-binding, but well-informed strategic advice, in particular on issues raised by the Board of Directors

  • Provide unbiased insights on Libyan affairs

  • Act as “ambassadors” for NCUSLR

  • Facilitate contacts to persons, who are important for NCUSLR to achieve its goals

  • Offer assistance to the Board of Directors with anything from developing master messages, concrete products, marketing/promotion to planning events

  • Encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas

More specifically, all Advisory Board members are invited to be engaged in activities of relevance to the NCUSLR, e.g. to:


  • Promote public writings about Libya also through NCUSLR social media outlets;

  • Contribute to Advisory Board papers

  • Advocate in the USA or elsewhere to significant institutes or individuals on behalf of the NCUSLR

  • Participate as speakers at national or international conferences which address Libya

  • Participate at national or international conferences which address Libya

  • Write brief comments on current Libya related affairs on our webpage

  • Give a significant philanthropic gift


NCUSLR Advisory Board members are invited to participate in special events, e.g. the Washington-based periodic Libya Study Group, and receive specific information about NCUSLR activities and background information about developments in Libya.